About Us

Our High Standards!

-Top tier products that we stand behind.

-Assisting in the development of programs and initiatives that are public health focused
-Everyone plays a role in how we build and shape our world. leveraging our collective tools to create a space we all can prosper.
-Cannabis Education.

High Standards Gifts DC is the DC's one stop shop for cannabis enthusiasts. We’re here to provide you with the finest product for cannabis enthusiasts.  DC is saturated with shops and services; Here at High Standards were focused on your satisfaction. We pledge to fair pricing, quality products, and premium customer service.
At High Standards we're working on fostering a community of cannabis lovers. We want our customers to feel apart of the High Standards family, which is an all-inclusive family that shares different stories, ideas, and celebrates their differences; With the love for cannabis as the median. We're excited to see what seeds we can grow together!

Who We Are

High Standards is a black-owned community-based cannabis brand established in 2020. Through our work at High Standards, we are committed to creating a hub for newbies and enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of cannabis and engage in efforts to build and rebuild. While our focus is on developing sustainable solutions to issues impacting communities that have been historically marginalized, each of us play a role in the fight for a more equitable world. Our goal is to create a transparent process to bring education and resources back into our community through product sales, events and donations.

Why We Started  

There is power in transforming weapons into tools for positive community impact.
Historically, cannabis has been used as a tool to criminalize and oppress the black community and communities of color. Since the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in 2012 in Colorado and Washington state, cannabis has become a multi-billion dollar industry. As a brand, we aim to leverage this billion-dollar industry to help rebuild communities in need. Issues such as food insecurity, lack of financial literacy and homelessness continue to inhibit individuals from achieving their version of the American dream.
Cannabis was once used as a weapon. against us.

Our Philosophy

Cannabis was once a weapon of oppression. What's a weapon but a tool? With this tool, we rebuild.

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